Past Summits

Since 2016, MOBILIZE has hosted summits in Yichang, China; Santiago, Chile; Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; Fortaleza, Brazil; and Pune, India. The strategies showcased by these cities promote people-oriented cities, reduce transportation greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, and improve safety and access for cyclists and pedestrians. In light of COVID-19, the 2020 annual summit pivoted to an online format for MOBILIZE Virtual. It continued this year with a virtual summit celebrating the 2021 STA winner, Jakarta, Indonesia.

  • Pune, India, 2020

    50 countries, 191 cities, 1075 participants came together virtually to tackle this year’s theme of “Building Collective Action for the Next Decade” and to learn from Pune, India in their accel- eration and commitment to all sustainable transit modes, particularly with significant growth in pedestrian infrastructure.

    Check out Mobilize Virtual 2020 Agenda
  • Fortaleza, Brazil, 2019

    20 countries, 46 cities, 226 participants came together to learn from the increasing mobility by building over 100 kilometers of dedicated bus lanes, over 240 kilometers of cycling paths and creating a rigorous road safety program ofered by Fortaleza and discuss the theme around “Reclaiming Streets for Access and Mobility.”

  • Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 2018

    31 countries, 61 cities, and 230 participants came together to learn from the mobility and access lessons ofered by Dar es Salaam and to discuss the theme around “Making Space for Mobility in Booming Cities.” Dar es Salaam became the first African city to launch a BRT system, earning the city the 2018 Sustainble Transit Award.

  • Santiago, Chile, 2017

    20 countries, 52 cities, and 185 participants came together to learn from the mobility and access lessons ofered by Santiago through its “complete street,” green infrastructure, and cycling projects. Attendees participated in discussion around the theme of just and inclusive cities.

  • Yichang, China, 2016

    The inaugural MOBILIZE summit took place in Yichang, China, celebrating the city’s accomplishments in bus rapid transit and new walking and cy- cling infrastructure. The event gathered more than 174 participants includ- ing representatives from ITDP, the City of Yichang, the Asian Development Bank, ICLEI, VREF, Chinese transport and urban development government agencies, civil society, and transport practitioners and decision makers from cities across Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.