• Session 1

    Monday, May 2

    Event Details:

    May 2, 2022

    9 AM EDT Eastern Standard Time

    Technical Webinar:

    Tartu’s Approach for Creating Sustainable City Space and Mobility


    The City of Tartu, Estonia, 2022 recipient of an STA Honorable Mention,  is acting on the trends of today and working toward a sustainable future for the city, including its ecology, built environment and urban mobility. Concentrating on mobility for people, the city brings its residents together and facilitates cooperation towards overarching objectives. Such cooperation is not done on the road, but rather while staying put. In a world of fewer resources and dramatic changes in climate, a compact, citizen-friendly city concept goes hand-in-hand with building resilient societies.

    Building on these objectives, Tartu has implemented a multi-pronged approach to get more people out of their cars and on more environmentally-friendly transport that brings people together. City-wide bike-sharing, biogas buses, strategic transport system design and programming in public spaces aim to create greater access for Tartu’s residents and therefore cultivate its natural environment.

    In this webinar, we will hear from Tartu City representatives on lessons learned from the process of implementing sustainable mobility solutions, as well as the city’s future plans to reach 75% travel by green modalities by 2040.


    Tõnis Arjus
    Head of the Department of Sustainable Urban Planning, City of Tartu
    Aksel-Johannes Part
    Mobility Specialist, City of Tartu
    Kaspar Alev
    Climate Change Specialist, City of Tartu
  • Session 2

    Wednesday, June 8

    Event Details:

    June 8, 2022

    7 AM EDT Eastern Standard Time

    2 PM EDT - Rebroadcast Eastern Standard Time

    Technical Webinar:

    Peshawar: Road to the Region’s First Gold Standard BRT


    Peshawar, Pakistan, 2022 recipient of the STA Honorable Mention, is a first mover in the region. It delivered the region’s first gold standard bus rapid transit system (BRT) – Zu Peshawar, built the first bicycle-sharing system and dedicated bicycle lanes in the country, developed a system to respond to extreme heat and rain, and grounded these in an inclusive approach through the incorporation of women  and persons with disabilities into the planning process. Zu Peshawar, has created mobility conditions that stand in stark contrast to the city’s recent past of congested streets, air pollution, and chaotic informal public transport modes. And now more than 235,000 people a day use it.

    This webinar will delve into the intricate journey of planning, designing, and implementing the new BRT system. Speakers from the system operator, TransPeshawar, will showcase the equitable and cost-effective strategies that have created efficient, affordable, and accessible mobility for more residents than ever, as well as outcomes that other cities around the world can find inspiration from.


    Fayyaz Khan
    CEO of TransPeshawar
    Muhammad Imran Khan
    General Manager, Operation and Market Development, Transpeshawar
    Aimee Gauthier
    Chief Knowledge Officer, ITDP Global
  • Session 3

    Thursday, September 1

    Event Details:

    September 1, 2022

    Bogotá, Colombia

    Keynote Address from the City of Bogotá and Technical Webinar


    Over the past two years, Bogotá has continued working toward city streets that are safer and more accessible for all residents. Pop-up bike lanes appeared during the pandemic, increasing bike traffic fourfold on some main streets. New programs for school children included shuttling students to class by foot or by bike. Speed management and traffic-calming projects have reduced road accident fatalities toward Bogotá’s goal of a “Vision zero” for traffic deaths. These measures have not only increased safety for travelers—they contribute to a system of accessible and sustainable mobility that will improve public health, environmental, and socioeconomic outcomes for years to come.

    Join ITDP in the second half of 2022 as we dive into the interventions that won Bogotá its second Sustainable Transport Award. Our MOBILIZE Virtual webinar series on Bogotá will convene transport practitioners from the city with our experts at ITDP to discuss the interventions that have changed mobility for so many.